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Select your NHS CCG population area.

229,785 people are registered to a GP in this area.

What proportion of people are currently in good health? 


121,786 people are in good health.

What proportion of people in good health, will develop a long-term condition, disability, frailty, in the next year?


6,089 people will develop a first serious condition next year.

What is the average HealthSpan in your area? (ie. how many years do people spend in good health)?


How many years would you like to improve the HealthSpan by in your area?


This would mean that the HealthSpan would increase from 50 to 51 years.

Average cost to the NHS of a person in good health, every year. 


Total cost of £121,786,050 per year.

Average cost to the NHS of a person with a long term condition, disability, frailty, or at the end of life, every year. 


Total cost of £377,996,325 per year.


HealthSpan Results

X people who are currently in good health will develop their first serious condition next year

On average, people remain in good health for X years of their life (HealthSpan of X)

X of all healthcare spending is on people who are in less than good health

On average, each person’s health and care costs are X per year, or X per day

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Potential savings

If the first diagnosis of a serious health condition is delayed by just 1 year (from a HealthSpan of 50 to 51), a total of 6,089 years of good health are gained across your population

Improving HealthSpan by 1 year means that total health and care savings could be up to £15,223,256

OBH can calculate precise figures for each these estimates using local data. Get in touch for more info:

CCG population sizes are based on NHS Digital data (Patients Registered at a GP Practice - June 2018 - released 12 Jun 2018).

Disclaimer: the figures on this page are estimates based on high-level user input data. If these inputs do not accurately reflect the local population, the estimated output will be incorrect. No responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions. The cost estimates are based on averages across large groups. There will be variation in costs between individuals within each group, which will have an impact on the true figures. These estimates assume that all other population characteristics are held constant (e.g. lifespan). This is based on the assumption that a natural ceiling in lifespan is being reached.